Bismarck palm, Bismark palm (Bismarckia nobilis) Common name: Bismarck palm or Bismark palm Size: Solitary trunk, up to 30m tall in habitat, but shorter in cultivation Habitat: Savannah woodland Distribution: Madagascar The Bismarkia nobilis i

The Thrithrinax campestris or caranday palm is native to Uruguay, Argentinia and Brazil. The carandy palm/Thrithrinax campestris is small to moderate in size, solitary, with slender stems and usually grows along river banks. Thrithrinax campestris pa

The Trachycarpus fortunei or also known as the Chinese windmill or chusan palm, is distributed from northern India – northern Thailand and China. The palm has a single trunk and can grow up to 9m or more tall. The trunk of the trachycarpus fort

Cocos palm, Kokos palm (Syagrus romanzoffiana) Common name: Cocos palm or Kokos palm Size: Trunk is 10-15m tall and 40cm or more in diameter. Habitat: Woodlands, often together with Syagrus oleracea. Distribution: Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bo

The Archontophoenix cunninghamia or better known as the elegant palm/cabbage palm is found near coastal/rain forest areas and is distributed in central Eastern Queensland, South Eastern New South Whales. The Seaforthia palm has a solitary trunk and c

The Chamaerops humilis or better known as the european or Mediterranean fan or windmill palm is a hardy, clumping fan palm. The chamaerops humilis is naturally found along the coastal areas of the western Mediterranean and on the atlantic coasts of M

The genus Cycas is one of the most primitive living seed plants, widely distributed in Madagascar, across Asia, New Guinnea and Polynesian islands. The habitat of the sago palm or Sago cycad varies from various forest types to woodlands and savanna.

Majesty, Shaving, Majesteit palm (Ravenea rivularis) Common name: Majesty, Shaving or Majesteit palm (Ravenea rivularis) Size: Solitary trunk, up to about 25m tall and 40cm in diameter Habitat: Rainforest areas, along river banks and in swampy are

Mexican fan palm, Waaier palm, Cotton palm (Washingtonia robusta) Common name: Mexican fan palm, Waaier palm, Cotton palm (Washingtonia robusta) Size: Solitary trunks, up to about 25m tall and 25cm in diameter Habitat: Desert and arid areas where