At Palm Tree World we have a wide variety of palm trees and other types of trees to suit your needs and garden landscape.


Palm Tree World was started as a hobby many years ago. With a love and passion for nature and interest in different types of palms and trees we started collecting seeds from rare palms & trees, which were planted and nurtured until they were ready to be transplanted in containers.


Our hobby expanded so much that we needed to appoint permanent staff. People come from far to buy a variety of palms and trees where everything is sold at wholesale prices to the public.


We have recently extended our business to fulfil all the needs of our clients and landscapers. We also have a wide variety of concrete products which are hand crafted with the utmost care and love.


Palm Tree World is situated in Pretoria and we welcome you to contact us where our expert staff will offer you service and advice on all your tree enquiries.

Tree & Palm Tree Enquiries
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  Palm trees - I am interested in:
  Bismarck palm, Bismark palm (Bismarckia nobilis)
  Caranday palm (Trithrinax campestris)
  Chinese windmill palm (Trachycarpus fortunei)
  Cocos palm, Kokos palm (Syagrus romanzoffiana)
  Elegant palm, Cabbage palm, Bungalow palm, Archontophoenix cunninghamiana (Seaforthia palm)
  European, Mediterranean, Windmill fan palm (Chamaerops humilis)
  King sago palm, Sago cycad, Japanese sago palm (Cycas revolutha)
  Majesty, Shaving, Majesteit palm (Ravenea rivularis)
  Mexican fan palm, Waaier palm, Cotton palm (Washingtonia robusta)
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  Trees - I am interested in:
  Baobab tree, Kremetartboom (Adansonia digitata)
  Black monkey thorn, Swartapiesdoring (Acacia galpinii)
  Japanese maple tree (Acer palmatum)
  Leadwood tree, Hardekool (Combretum imberbe)
  Leopard tree, Luiperdboom (Caesalpinia ferrea)
  Marula tree, Maroela (Sclerocarya birrea)
  Mountain karee, Berg Karee (Rhus leptodictya)
  Natal Mahogany, Rooi Essenhout (Trichilia emetica)
  Paperbark, Papierbasdoring (Acacia sieberana)
  Sausage Tree, Worsboom (Kigelia africana)
  Waterpear tree, Waterpeer (Syzygium guineensese)
  Weeping Boer-bean, Huilboerboon (Schotia brachypetala)
  White karee, Wit karee (Searsia pendulina)
  White stinkwood tree, Witstinkhout tree (Celtis afrikana)
  Wild olive tree, Olienhout (Olea africana)
  Trees enquiry:


Concrete Product Enquiries
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  Concrete products - I am interested in:
  After dark garden light with side planter
  Belly stone planter
  Braai bin
  Camilia picnic set
  Camilia with musical sphere large
  Chane L/M/S
  Da Vinci L/M/S
  Diamante planter
  Eclipse garden light
  Filicia Large with mirror
  Fly away
  Jasmine L/M/S
  Jumping blocks (1-10)
  Jumping blocks (A-Z)
  Kiddo picnic set
  Kumkwart planter
  Lantana with Egyptian sphere
  Lete water feature
  Navada butterfly
  Peacock female
  Peacock male
  Peacock female glasstop
  Picasso bird bath
  Rock Face Chane planter and water feature with pond
  Sail away
  Toy Story kiddies chairs
  Yen Bird bath round
  Yen Bird Bath Square
  Vene Large and Chane pond
  Viola with musical sphere and Arabian sphere
  Zavier vase
  Zavier vase small
  Zet window planters (Pots available in a variety of colours)
  Concrete product enquiry: